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At Plusnet, we understand that security and efficiency are fundamental in the world of banking, especially as the number of online transactions is increasing exponentially. According to the Electronic Clearing House, it is estimated that in 2023, approximately 15 million digital transactions are taking place each month, which represents an increase of 4 million compared to those recorded in 2021.

In response to this situation, the digital transformation of the financial system has been accelerated (even more so after the pandemic), and we have witnessed how financial institutions have had to optimize and innovate in their digital channels and solutions, primarily focusing on the needs of customers and their satisfaction.

Voice Biometrics: Integrated into Banks’ Digital Strategies

Voice Biometrics has already secured a prominent place within the strategies of many entities. These strategies respond to the changing needs and habits of customers, and they are increasingly adopting innovative solutions to simplify the user experience.

At Plusnet Solutions, we have successfully integrated Voice Biometrics into systems for major insurers and other clients. In this article, we want to explore what it can offer to the banking sector. Voice Biometrics unquestionably combines both security and convenience, allowing for quick and secure identity verification.

Now more than ever, we find banks dedicating efforts to optimizing their digital channels, with a strong focus on security and efficiency. This is all the more reason for Voice Biometrics to be one of the primary solutions we are implementing in our clients’ systems. We have previously discussed how it works in our recent article, which we invite you to read here to gain a deeper understanding of this technology.

How Voice Biometrics Works

Voice is unique to each individual, much like a sound-based fingerprint. This biometric characteristic is highly reliable for identifying people. Once we integrate Voice Biometrics into your systems, the system records the “voiceprint” of each user. Subsequently, in every subsequent interaction, the system can instantly verify if the voice matches, enabling secure and efficient authentication.

Voice Biometrics has an additional advantage: there is no need to remember passwords. How many forgotten passwords can you recall? Surely, the answer is “very few.” Voice Biometrics simplifies authentication for your customers and saves time in the process. This not only enhances the user experience but also optimizes costs.

Our Experience with This Technology

Our experience demonstrates that this technology significantly reduces the time required for verifying an individual. Furthermore, the implementation and deployment in your systems are straightforward. At Plusnet Solutions, we can carry out the integration without drastically affecting your voice infrastructure. In just 10 to 12 weeks, we implement this solution and transfer the context to your agents, improving analytics and adapting to your needs.

But if you still need more reasons to consider this technology for your bank, here are some of its key benefits:

  • Ease of Integration: This technology is compatible with various manufacturers and technologies, giving you flexibility in choosing your systems.
  • Increased Efficiency: By automating the authentication process, interactions with customers become more agile. Your agents save time and offer a superior user experience. With Voice Biometrics, you will notice a reduction in the Average Handling Time (AHT) of interactions in your Contact Center. Everything becomes faster and more efficient.
  • Additional Security: Voice Biometrics adds an extra layer of protection. It can detect if the voice is from the actual person or if it is a recording, which helps prevent fraud and identity theft.

Voice Biometrics is revolutionizing the way we operate in customer service and Contact Centers. With its simple integration, streamlined interactions, and additional security, this technology is changing the game and providing a safer and more efficient service.

At Plusnet Solutions, we put technology at the service of your customers, and Voice Biometrics is one of the most innovative solutions we offer. It allows you to verify the identity of calling customers based on the specific characteristics of their voice patterns or voiceprints. Would you like to discover how Voice Biometrics can benefit your bank or financial institution? Request a demo, and we will show you firsthand how Voice Biometrics can revolutionize your security and efficiency in customer service.

Feeling like not continuing to read? In this video, we tell you everything about Voice Biometrics and our work with this technology. Don’t miss it!

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