Plusnet Solutions

Analytics & Reporting

We help you to have all the results of the monitoring and analytics of each interaction stored, integrated and visible in reporting panels that are published in real time and with access to the history of previous interactions.

Customer Journey

Adapt to your customers' journey

Get to know your customers a little more. Find out what they like most about your customer service. Collect information on consumer behavior and trends in real time.

We help you improve your future conversations analyzing positive interactions. Get ahead of their reactions thanks to the predictive intelligence of our system. Between you and your consumer, there are no barriers.


The information you need, when you need it

Monitor and analyze each interaction to improve your customer service processes and their quality, and take the user experience further with what you have learned. Everything under control at a glance.

Identify interactions that do not meet your quality standards and apply corrective measures. At Plusnet Solutions we integrate the latest analytical technologies on the market into your company's systems, enabling them to process this information and convert it into rich data, ordered and prepared for analysis.

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Get the value out of what your customers say

Artificial Intelligence and Speech Recognition technologies in your call center make a great team. And they also do it in order to automatically extract information and data about your interactions.

Speech Analytics transcribes and analyzes all recorded calls to obtain valuable information and will allow you to understand the behavior and needs of your customers. It automatically detects and analyzes words, phrases, categories, and topics discussed during calls to reveal growing trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

And wait, there is still more. Can you imagine that your system begins to develop predictive abilities on these situations? The answer is yes, it is already a reality.


The power of data

Measure agent's performance and drive improvement actions based on customer interaction and journey thanks to Big Data. Define your next strategy to improve the consumer experience and engagement.

At Plusnet Solutions we help you understand and take advantage of all the information that your service center can offer you: call analysis, satisfaction surveys, voice recordings, CRM entries, interactions on social networks, etc.

Evolve, adapt, and change.
This is how Artificial Intelligence defines the future of your Contact Center