Plusnet Solutions

Technology integration

At Plusnet we help you integrate the best and latest technologies on the market into your Contact Center systems, in a simple and manufacturer-independent way.


Being where your
customers are

Take your user experience to another level with a 360° connection.

We help you make omni-channel each user experience and we help you talk to your customers from their favorite channels: Chat, Voice, WhatsApp, Smart Speakers, etc. in the same interface. Make your conversations more personal and homogeneous. No barriers or added complications for your agents.

Your customer is the protagonist


Communicating with you will be a walk in the park. Open up to your customers and offer complete, comfortable and positive experiences from end to end.


Context transfer

Start a conversation in one place and end it in another. Make your service channel an active tool to better help your customers.


Unified Desktop

Go for a fuent and tailored communication. And the best part: manage everything simultaneously from a single interface.



Make your Customer Service flexible by using Artificial Intelligence and commit to new management and communication tools.


Defense in depth

Interactions with your customers need to go through the core security components of your enterprise architecture.

The goal? Protect end-to-end traffic and guarantee secure access to your conversations without compromising the understanding between the channels and your systems.

Our solutions are integrated in a coordinated way for both API Manager front-end and back-end.

And they do so with the intention of guaranteeing secure access to user information and streamlining each transfer of information.

Understanding what customers ask for

Channel Normalization

Providing a good customer experience is in your hands. Through Channel Normalization you will be able to facilitate understanding between the interaction channels of your customers and those of your company.

At Plusnet Solutions we homogenize these channels, integrating powerful third-party technologies that help any message to be understood and redirected to its destination.


Simplify the integration of self-service systems with TTS/STT/NLU environments in the Cloud with Big-AI


Transforming language

Every customer interaction is different, as each one arrives through different channels. That implies that each channel has its own language and protocols.

At Plusnet Solutions, we take care of natively integrating the latest speech synthesis (STT), language recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies on the market with your organization's own systems.

And we carry it out in a simple way so that your systems are always able to understand what each customer needs and offer them the best solution. Communication between humans and systems that makes it easier to collect data.

Serve your customers in all channels with
Artificial Intelligence