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CX Management

Making your agents feel comfortable doing their job is a good thing. Providing them the tools to connect with customers is even better. Your agents play a very important role in all of this. Offer them the best tools and get more positive interactions on a daily basis. They are the best tool for creating positive relationships that attract and retain satisfied customers.

Agents Group

Your agents, a key factor in customer retention

We help you give your agents the power, information and tools to meet and resolve the most complex demands, without complexities and with the best solutions integrated into your systems.


Have a 360º vision

See it all with a 360-degree view. Unify the integrated agent desktop and monitor user interactions from any channel.

And, what’s more, have the tools you need at hand at any time. Access information immediately, monitor in real time, your CRM, track goals, analyze ratios, monitor service levels and optimize productivity.

We make it possible for all your systems to be integrated into the agent desktop. Centralizing all the information from any level of interaction and preventing your agents from having to waste time consulting various applications.

Connect your phone system with Salesforce in a simple and transparent way with the #1 CTI Connector on the market


Make life easier for your agents

Find out how automation powered by Artificial Intelligence can help your agents work. It offers solutions that meet your expectations. If they are equipped with the best technology, they will also give their best in their day-to-day work.

We integrate Artificial Intelligence into your customer service systems and new prediction technologies that recommend answers, knowledge articles. In this way, you can take the best actions during the conversation with the customer.


Integrated into your systems

Agent Assist, directly integrated in the Unified Desktop, Agent Front or in your CRM, allows your agents to make queries in real time and in natural language about the needs raised by the user during an interaction, in order to receive more useful information that can help them resolve each customer's query in the more precise way.


Interact and help your agents

Not only Artificial Intelligence can analyze interactions and their performance, to subsequently provide advice and recommendations to agents. Agent Assist enables real-time supervision and monitoring of your call center managers, who can comment and assist agents directly to their desks.

Make all the technologies and systems involved in each interaction with your customers work in harmony