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In the world of Contact Centers, the process of authenticating the identity of customers often involves a slow and information-intensive verification process. But that has changed thanks to voice biometrics! At Plusnet, we have already integrated this technology into our clients’ systems, and we can tell you why it is the best solution for verifying people’s identities in a much safer and faster way. Not only does it put an end to fraud and identity theft, but it also makes everything more efficient and convenient!

How voice biometrics works:

Did you know that each person’s voice is unique and difficult to imitate? It’s like our fingerprints, but in the form of sound. And that makes it a reliable biometric feature for identifying someone. Here’s the interesting part: after integrating this technology, once a person’s “voiceprint” is registered, the system can recognize it in real-time during every conversation with that person.

The great thing about voice is that it doesn’t get forgotten like passwords. Do you remember all your passwords? Neither do I. That’s why voice biometrics is convenient for customers and saves time in the authentication process. Your customers get a better experience, and you optimize costs!

Our experience with voice biometrics:

Voice significantly reduces the verification time for a person, and implementing it in your systems is straightforward. We know this firsthand because, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, at Plusnet, we have already successfully integrated voice biometrics into the systems of major insurers and other clients. And the best part is that we can do it without drastically affecting your voice infrastructure. In just 10 to 12 weeks, we can implement this solution, transfer context to agents, improve analytics, and adapt to your needs.

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The key benefits of voice biometrics:

You may need more reasons to start embracing this technology and integrating it into your systems. Don’t worry, we can’t finish this post without highlighting its key benefits:

  • We’ve already mentioned how easy it is to integrate voice biometrics, regardless of the manufacturers or technologies you use in your systems. We don’t like “vendor lock-in” – we want to give you freedom!
  • Moreover, being an automated process, customer interactions become much more agile. Your agents save time and provide a better user experience. With voice biometrics, you will see a reduction in Average Handling Time (AHT) for interactions in your Contact Center. Everything becomes faster and more efficient!
  • Lastly, let’s talk about security. Voice biometrics offers an additional layer of protection. It can detect if the voice truly belongs to the person in question or if it’s a recording. This helps prevent fraud and identity theft.

As you can see, more and more companies are adopting voice biometrics in their Customer Service and Contact Center systems. With its easy integration, streamlined interactions, and additional security, voice biometrics is changing the way we operate, offering a safer and more efficient service. At Plusnet, we are excited to lead this revolution and provide you with the best possible experience. Goodbye to forgotten passwords and welcome to voice biometrics!

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