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In the customer service sector, particularly in Contact Centers, much emphasis is placed on the experience provided to customers. However, it’s crucial not to overlook another fundamental aspect of customer service: the agents, who represent the face (and voice) of companies when someone needs assistance or wishes to resolve an issue.

As you may have already realized, the customer experience and the employee experience are intertwined. In this context, we want to discuss Employee Experience (EX), which refers to the care of employees.

When a person is happy in their job, they are more likely to provide higher quality service. Recent studies support this: for example, according to Gallup, companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by 147% in terms of earnings per share.

Conversely, having dissatisfied employees can lead to customer loss: as highlighted in a report by TalkDesk, 68% of customers state that a single bad experience has a negative impact on their brand loyalty, potentially leading them to abandon it.

In summary, to improve the customer experience, it’s essential to start by enhancing the experience of employees. Does the relevance of Employee Experience (EX) within the sector now seem clearer?

Despite the importance of EX, it appears to be an area that is still not given enough attention in many corporate strategies: according to a report by NTT, a systems integration company, 97% of CEOs claim to have a Customer Experience (CX) strategy, while only 81% have an Employee Experience (EX) strategy.

The role of Digital Transformation in the Contact Center

Digital transformation in a Contact Center encompasses both people and technology. At Plusnet Solutions, we have been working with the best and most innovative technological tools specifically designed to improve the daily lives of agents in the Contact Center for over twenty years.

We have assisted many of our clients in integrating or developing technological solutions focused on agents to ensure an excellent experience for both them and the customers they serve.

For example, we can discuss the Unified Desktop, which provides a 360-degree view of each customer interaction, allowing agents to access all necessary information from a single interface. This not only improves agent productivity but also helps them provide a more personalized service, quickly accessing all relevant information about the person in one glance.

In the realm of technology-based solutions utilizing Artificial Intelligence integrated into customer service systems, we find Voicebots and Chatbots that offer agile and personalized service, as well as many automated tasks, or Smart Routing, which directs each customer to the most suitable agent, designed to facilitate the work of agents and improve their efficiency.

The revolution of Generative AI

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of customer service within Contact Centers. In recent years, we have witnessed how this technology has revolutionized traditional processes, optimized operational efficiency, and improved the experience for both agents and customers.

However, in this constant path of innovation, we dare to point out that the technology that will usher in a new era in customer service is Generative AI. This technology has the potential to further transform the way we interact with customers, offering more personalized and effective solutions than ever before (and enhancing what we already do with AI-based solutions).

Generative AI opens the door to new ways of enhancing customer service within a Contact Center. We know that this technology offers human-like content, meaning it has the ability to generate content that more closely resembles human style, thus offering much more natural and fluid responses and conversations. This is especially useful in situations where more empathetic or emotional responses are required during customer interactions.

Focusing on Employee Experience, this technology can provide additional support to agents when solving problems. Generative AI can propose quick suggestions and responses during customer interactions, helping agents resolve queries and issues more efficiently. Additionally, we believe it will aid in their professional development, providing personalized feedback and improvement recommendations based on agent performance analysis. This will increase agents’ motivation and commitment to their work.

When agents have tools that allow them to resolve queries quickly and efficiently, customers receive a more satisfactory and personalized service. By focusing on improving Employee Experience through available technological solutions on the market, we are not only investing in the well-being of our agents but also contributing to better customer service.

We have already discussed the role of Generative AI in the Contact Center in another article. We invite you to read more about it here!

If you wish to explore how we can transform your Employee Experience together through the latest technologies, do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.