Plusnet Solutions

Every year, at Plusnet Solutions, we seek to assist causes or foundations in real need through our charity challenges. That’s why this March, we’re dedicating our challenge in support of the primate rescue and rehabilitation center Rainfer and the Chimpatía foundation.

Rainfer, which is part of the Chimpatía Foundation, is an organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and lifelong care of rescued primates in Spain. Through their tireless work, they provide love and care to these animals who have experienced traumatic events, helping them recover and enjoy a dignified life.

Our charity challenges

At Plusnet, we highly value and promote the physical health and well-being of our team, which is why we organize initiatives like charity challenges every year. These challenges aim to encourage physical activity and teamwork by walking together and accumulating steps as a team, not only as a way to contribute to charitable causes, but also as an opportunity to foster collaboration, camaraderie, and the care of our physical and mental health.

Doing it this way is a fun and effective way to achieve it (besides knowing that we’re doing our part to help foundations, projects, or causes that matter to us).

That’s why, during the month of March, our teams will need to lace up their shoes and go for walks to reach the goal of 400,000 steps. Quite a challenge! And for each team that achieves it, Plusnet will make a donation towards Rainfer’s heating to keep the primates they rescue and shelter warm.

Walking together, giving warmth to Rainfer

We’ve chosen to dedicate our charity challenge to giving warmth to Rainfer because we believe in the importance of caring for rescued primates, especially during the winter months.

We know that, every year, Rainfer needs help to pay for heating for the primates during these months, as the cold can be particularly harsh for them, especially at night. Our donation will be directed towards this purpose, to ensure that the primates receive the care and protection they deserve.

The inspiration for this project came from one of our employees, who sponsors a primate at Rainfer and knows the needs of the center. Her passion and commitment have motivated us to support this noble cause for our charity challenge.

At Plusnet Solutions, we share a deep commitment to the well-being of animals and the positive impact we can make in their lives. That’s why we want to take this opportunity to invite you to join us in this charitable effort and contribute to ensuring that the primates of Rainfer can get through the winter safely and comfortably. You can make your own donation from their website here.