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In the constant pursuit of meeting the growing expectations of customers, energy companies are increasingly turning to technologies such as Speech Analytics as a strategic tool to understand and anticipate their customers’ needs.

After all, it’s important to keep in mind that these companies operate within a sector where the services they offer are perceived as basic commodities, making the quality of Customer Experience they provide a crucial differentiating factor among competing companies.

The latest technological advancements and the emergence of innovative customer service and Customer Experience technologies are placing these companies in a changing and complex environment where the attention they provide to their customers plays a crucial role in Customer satisfaction and retention. In fact, according to a Forrester study, 75% of companies using technologies like Speech Analytics have reported an increase in Customer satisfaction, while 59% have seen an improvement in sales.

At Plusnet Solutions, as leaders in the technological sector of Customer Service and Customer Experience solutions, we have been implementing the most advanced Speech Analytics tools in our clients’ systems for years to optimize their operations and enhance their users’ experience. Looking at the numbers, it is estimated that over 40% of Spanish companies will invest in conversational analytics technologies during 2024, highlighting the growing interest in these technological solutions. And it’s no wonder, as this technology allows them to extract the maximum value from interactions with their customers.

AI and voice recognition technologies in customer service centers make a great team, allowing companies to automatically extract information and data about interactions with users, and the same applies to companies in the Energy Sector.

The main benefits of Speech Analytics

One of the main benefits of Speech Analytics is the improvement in operational efficiency. This technology enables the automation of reviewing large volumes of interactions, quickly identifying areas of focus and eliminating the need for extensive manual reviews. As a result, agents in energy companies can focus on providing personalized service more effectively or resolving issues, given that in this sector, many users can feel significant frustration if their services are interrupted or there are issues with their bills.

To understand how this technology works, we must know that Speech Analytics transcribes and analyzes all recorded calls to obtain valuable information, allowing for a more precise understanding of customer behaviors and needs. By using Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis, it automatically detects and analyzes words, phrases, categories, and topics discussed during calls to reveal emerging trends and areas of opportunity or concern.

Furthermore, detailed analysis of conversations enables the identification of emerging patterns and recurring issues, allowing companies in this sector to take proactive measures to address them. This not only improves Customer satisfaction but also drives long-term operational effectiveness. Just look at the numbers: according to a Hubspot study, it is likely that 93% of customers will make repeat purchases from companies that offer excellent customer service, highlighting the importance of Customer satisfaction in retention.

The importance of omnichannel in the Energy Sector

Another fundamental aspect of customer service in energy service companies is omnichannel, essential for providing a comprehensive and satisfactory experience to users.

Companies in this sector seek to establish seamless and coherent communication across multiple channels, from phone calls to social media and mobile applications. The implementation of Speech Analytics solutions plays a crucial role in this process, as it allows for the analysis of customer interactions across all these channels to better understand their needs and preferences. By using Speech Analytics omnichannel, not only does operational efficiency increase, but it also strengthens the relationship with customers by offering them personalized and consistent service across all available communication channels.

Personalizing every experience: a new pillar for energy companies

In the dynamic environment of the Energy Sector, personalizing customer service emerges as a fundamental pillar for building strong and lasting relationships with users. Through advanced tools like Speech Analytics, any company can adjust its communications and services precisely, considering the individual trajectory and preferences of each customer. This more personalized approach not only drives Customer satisfaction but also fosters long-term engagement and loyalty.

Digital transformation has driven a shift in how energy companies interact with their customers, seamlessly merging offline and online channels to offer a comprehensive and seamless experience. More importantly, it has allowed them to revalue the customer relationship, recognizing individual needs, and offering solutions tailored to their specific demands.

To meet these objectives, which have already taken hold in the Energy Sector, at Plusnet Solutions, we implement customer service solutions and technologies such as Speech Analytics that help our clients understand, comprehend, and analyze user data for an effective and engaging Customer Experience.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Machine Learning, or Speech Analytics enable energy companies to offer customers specific information for their individual needs through data analysis for common scenarios such as understanding consumption, discovering new offers, services, or obtaining personalized recommendations to optimize energy efficiency.

In conclusion, Speech Analytics is already an essential component for energy companies in their quest to improve customer service and optimize their operations. In an environment where competition is intense and Customer satisfaction is key, this technology not only identifies areas for improvement and anticipates customer needs but also personalizes each interaction to provide an exceptional and consistent experience across all communication channels.

As you can see, we could spend hours talking about this technology and the different applications we are working on at Plusnet Solutions in our clients’ systems, but we know that your time is valuable! If you want to learn more about this topic or find out how we can help your company, we invite you to contact us. We’re listening!