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In the exciting world of Customer Service and Customer Experience that we find ourselves in, identity authentication is a crucial but often challenging task. Fortunately, voice biometrics has emerged as a truly innovative and highly reliable technical solution for verifying the identity of customers.

At Plusnet, we have already integrated this technology into some of our major clients, which is all the more reason to tell you all about voice biometrics and explore how it is changing the way customer identities are verified and fraud is prevented. Get ready to delve into the technical intricacies of this innovative solution and how we implement it in Contact Centers. Here we go!

The science behind voice biometrics:

It’s remarkable to think that each of us has a unique voice, like our personal signature. Just like our fingerprints or facial features, our voices have unique and distinctive characteristics.

This technology, based on Artificial Intelligence, is capable of identifying the peculiar and singular features we have in our voices, such as tone, pitch, speed, and rhythm, and identifying the distinctive reference points. These are what allow our voices to stand out from the rest. Thus, our voice becomes our password.

How the authentication process works with voice biometrics:

Voice biometric authentication involves several key stages. First, a unique voice profile is created for each individual by analyzing and recording their distinctive vocal characteristics.

This initial stage is called “Enrollment” and focuses on capturing these unique voice characteristics of the user. During this registration process, the customer is asked to provide an audio recording of them reading a random phrase, creating their “voiceprint.” Once captured, it is stored within the Contact Center’s database.

This profile is used as a reference for future comparisons. We now move on to the “Verification” phase. When a customer communicates with a Contact Center, the system captures their voice and compares it to the voice profile registered in the previous phase. Using advanced voice recognition algorithms, the system determines if the voice matches the profile and, therefore, if the customer’s identity is authentic.

Furthermore, voice biometrics provides an additional layer of security by detecting whether the voice is genuine or a recording, helping to prevent fraud and identity theft. Not bad, right?

After this recognition, the agent handling the call will have information about the identified person, knowing the percentage of verification in the authentication of this customer’s identity.

Voice significantly reduces the verification time for a person, and implementing and deploying it in your systems is straightforward. Let us tell you how:

Easy integration into any system:

At Plusnet, we have already successfully integrated voice biometrics into the systems of major insurers and other clients. This technology is easy to integrate without drastically affecting your voice infrastructure. In just 10 to 12 weeks, we can implement this solution, transfer context to agents, improve analytics, and adapt to the needs and characteristics of your Contact Center.

Do you want to see how we do it? Request a demo and experience firsthand the most innovative world, where voice becomes the key to accessing an exceptional customer service experience.

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