Plusnet Solutions
  • The acquisition will allow Evolutio to accelerate capabilities in key areas such as integration and development of technological components, analytics, artificial intelligence, automation, and voice biometrics.
  • With over 20 years of specialization in CX, Plusnet Solutions has more than 85 employees and a client portfolio in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, services, and BPOs.
  • Evolutio thus enhances its offering and consolidates its position as the leading integrator of customer experience services in our country.

Evolutio, a technological company specializing in cloud services integration, whose main shareholder is the independent private equity firm Portobello Capital, has announced today the acquisition of the Spanish technology company Plusnet Solutions. The operation will allow Evolutio to add talent and capabilities, strengthen its service portfolio, and increase value contribution to its clients.

Plusnet Solutions is a Spanish company specialized in the integration of customer experience solutions. Its activity stands out for a constant commitment to innovation, cutting-edge technology, and specialization. The company, headquartered in Madrid, has more than 85 employees and a loyal client portfolio in various areas of influence, such as telecommunications, banking, insurance, services, and BPOs.

Through this operation, Evolutio, which is in a growth phase with a projected revenue for 2024 of 400 million euros, consolidates its position as the main integrator of customer experience solutions in the Iberian Peninsula.

According to Jacinto Cavestany, CEO of Evolutio, “we are facing a strategic move for our growth plan, with which we not only incorporate a high-value talent base, but also high specialization and new capabilities complementary to our portfolio. Plusnet Solutions is a company established in the Spanish IT sector with which we will build important synergies to offer more and better services to the market.

Acceleration of growth

Plusnet Solutions bases much of its activity on surrounding itself with reference partners. It implements solutions based on alliances with leading technology companies such as Avaya, Genesys, Google Cloud, Nuance, Nice, Enghouse, and Veridas. Thus, the company is able to offer cutting-edge technological solutions in AI and automation, conversational AI, orchestration, CX management, voice biometrics, analytics, and reporting.

According to Ricardo Navarro, General Manager of Plusnet Solutions, “our innovation capabilities extend to the development of specialized solutions that we are already implementing in high-demand environments. I am sure that joining a large group like Evolutio will allow us to have the most solid and competitive offer in the market.

In fact, it is expected that the integration will serve to boost the development of AI and automation solutions, analytics or biometrics, as well as to further increase Evolutio’s capabilities in integrating technological components with agile and innovative methodologies. Moreover, both companies share strategic alliances in their respective partner networks, which will facilitate the creation of synergies and accelerate the integration of more value-added services for their clients.

Similarly, both firms have good growth prospects for this year, so the acquisition will also serve as a lever to accelerate their growth and market share. The financial details of the operation have not been disclosed.

About Evolutio

Evolutio is a company specialized in the integration of cloud services for the corporate market and public entities. Its objective is to drive agility, flexibility, and innovation capacity for its clients, helping them achieve the maximum possible value for their business and accompanying them in their digitization process. Headquartered in Madrid, Evolutio has a track record of over 30 years of experience in the sector. For more information, visit