Plusnet Solutions

November comes to a close, but not without leaving an indelible mark on our people, already becoming a part of our commitment to solidarity and health at Plusnet Solutions. At the beginning of the month, we shared our dedication to November in support of the Movember Foundation, bringing together our employees in a physical and healthy challenge for the cause of men’s health that this foundation advocates and promotes.

That’s why our teams joined the Walk for Movember challenge and grew mustaches to show our support and raise awareness about critical issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Success in Participation

We’ve been thrilled to see the strong participation and willingness of our people, who not only grew mustaches or beards but also took on the challenge of accumulating steps to achieve a common goal, with the aim of making a donation from Plusnet Solutions to Movember. As you can see, we easily met the challenge, reaching a total of over 3.5 million steps among all participants. We’ve worn out our shoes!

As a token of appreciation and to inject some fun into this campaign, we’ve gifted the brave challenge participants with fun socks adorned with mustache designs. 😎 Tell me it’s not a cool gift! Moreover, these socks will serve as a constant reminder of this shared mission.

Raising Awareness About Men’s Health

This is the first year we’ve directed our charitable efforts toward Movember here at Plusnet Solutions. That’s why we’ve focused on sharing valuable information about the movement and the foundation, in addition to emphasizing the importance of men’s health, an area that sometimes seems forgotten and shrouded in taboos. During this month, we’ve engaged in discussions about the prevention and early detection of health issues, as well as the promotion of healthy habits. Another goal of this charitable campaign was to ensure that this awareness extended beyond our offices and reached the homes and communities of our employees, and we’ve achieved just that! We’ve received many photos with mustaches and lush beards at home, demonstrating that this action has borne fruit.

But what truly made this Movember special was undoubtedly the creativity and fun spirit of our people. We’ve received countless photos showcasing their mustaches with style and pride. These images not only show that it’s been a fun campaign but also reflect our genuine commitment to the cause of men’s health.

And with a smile beneath our mustaches, we bid farewell to this Movember at Plusnet, a month of unity, commitment, and fun in support of an important cause. Thanks to all our employees for making this action unforgettable!