Plusnet Solutions

The technological environment is, by nature, dynamic and changing, and at Plusnet Solutions we have spent more than twenty years adapting and changing with it towards the new digital paradigm. During this time, our solutions, our products, the technologies we work with, and even our way of working have evolved. Always with the same objective: to offer our clients the best open, scalable, transparent and secure solutions, but also innovative.

Innovation has always been in our DNA, adapting to change means being flexible and curious, it means trying and failing to find the best solution for each moment. Adapting means evolving and this is what we now also want to show with our new brand identity.

At Plusnet we are part of the strongest relationship that has existed throughout history: the relationship between man and technology. A story allways been marked by constant evolution and complexity. Technology plays an important role in in our lives and this pushes us to try to make it more human, more intelligent. With our new brand image we want to represent that relationship throught the shape of the circle, a symbol of unity, perfection, dynamism and omnichannel, and which becomes our base and living element of our brand identity.

We change our brand image, but we maintain our same values. We continue working to reduce the complexity of this increasingly omnichannel and intelligent ecosystem. And our way to express this is throught our new slogan: Intelligent Solutions for Smarter Working.

Getting here cannot be explained without the talent of our team of experts. A multidisciplinary team that contributes with all their knowledge and expertise working in this sector. And that works hard to deliver the highest quality and satisfaction in all our projects and services. A team that shares the same passion: technology. A passion that makes us never stop learning, evolving and innovating.