Plusnet Solutions

At Plusnet Solutions we work with the objective of promoting our commitment to Equal opportunities.

Within this objective, we have been working since last year, in the implementation of an Equal Opportunities Plan to achieve a real and effective equality within the organization and in our society. This Plan provides us an added value, so that men and women who work at Plusnet can do it with equal opportunities. Our commitment guides us to generate an egalitarian climate, respect and diversity.

We will start in the coming weeks with an awareness course, with which to reinforce the knowledge of our people, about equal opportunities and positive actions that we can carry out in our environment and, especially in the workplace, diversity in the company or how to prevent sexual or moral harassment, among other topics.

This commitment towards the elaboration of the Equality Plan is, therefore, to verify our commitment to provide opportunities for integral growth to all people in their individuality, regardless of their condition, gender, origin, age. etc.

Our main value is the people who make up Plusnet, and as part of this philosophy, it is the sum of all of them that helps us grow every day, turning our differences into strengths. Our commitment goes far beyond a mere legal obligation, at Plusnet we assume and promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities as an unwavering element in our company culture.