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After a long time without

After a long time without organizing a meeting for all the company’s employees, last week we got together again at our Reunion Party ?, held in Madrid.

We were very excited to meet again our colleagues, who came from many parts of Spain such as Cádiz, Extremadura, Galicia, Barcelona, ​​the Canary Islands…among others.

It was emotional to see the start of the party, full of hugs when reuniting with those who had not seen each other in person for years, as well as exciting to see the many introductions and greetings from those who have joined Plusnet over the years and who, due to the pandemic and working from home, they had not coincided nor had we been able to meet them “face to face”, at least outside the frame of the computer screen and outside the metaverse and video-calls.

After the initial greetings, we enjoyed a delicious meal in a cocktail format, with a ham cutter included ?, and we had lot of laughts putting on glasses, masks, hats, and wigs to take funny photos in the photo booth. You have to know that some of us didn’t leave the camera for most of the afternoon!! Also, we were amazed of our colleagues originality, who devised very creative compositions for their photos (you can tell that our thing is innovation ?).

After this, we gave it our all dancing with the music played by a DJ, who was very willing to make us go home with stifness (and we can say that he succeeded), but also knowing that we had a great time together again.

Without a doubt, it was great to spend the day with all the team and people that makes Plusnet what it is today, and we can’t wait to repeat it!!